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One of our New Projects

I am now working on a YouTube Channel, called “Wake Up Call”.


Wake Up Call


Valentines from the Heart

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Here is one of our movies…

GUN: A report on gun control

As a adopted Texan, the issue of gun control is relevant. In most places the government is taking away our right to bear arms. I need help formulating a movie on this. For all those interested in screen writing and storyboarding, please contact me at .

A new movie

Please give your feedback on the treatment. I plan to have the movie 30 to 40 minutes long.

Caleb Johnson, and his siblings, live with their parents, Tim and Rebecca Johnson, in the Houston area.  He lives the life of an out-dated American boy. He fights evil dragons in his dreams. He charges up San Juan Hill with his best pal, Teddy Roosevelt. He sleeps in the trenches with Alvin York, and stands strong with the Irish Brigade at Maryes Heights at Fredericksburg, 1862.  He loves his parents and his parents home school him.  His world is greatly shaken when he turns 12 years old. On his birthday, his parents and 4 siblings were hit by a drunk driver while coming back from the store. With no other family, 12 year old Caleb goes to his new foster home with his most prized possessions…  his books. He also brings other things to remember; costumes and family pictures. His new foster parents are wonderful, but they do not hold the same standards as Caleb’s parents had. They give him a laptop, gaming system, and lots of toys. With all this, Caleb is forced to go to public school. The others try to influence him to give up his old ways and join them. Caleb is tempted to do so, but in doing he must give up all the things he has had and cherished for so long. His foster parents don’t understand why he doesn’t do the things that others around him do.  He ends up not having many friends his age, but by exciting the younger students, he gets them into history and becoming real men. Also, he gets his foster parents to go to church. They soon get saved. He then carries out his parent’s plan of multi generational faithfulness by raising a godly Christian family.

The Studio begins

TenC Pictures is all about following God’s law through film and producing godly Christian films.  We currently have two projects in development. If you have any interest in helping out feel free to send me an e-mail at .